Denise Taranov

About Denise

I grew up in Berlin, Wisconsin, on the bank of the Fox River. Forced outside after too much TV, I'd visit insects under rocks, pet the plants in our vegetable garden, and check in with the gargoyles my dad made on a stone wall he patched. Sneaking back into the house, I'd close myself inside my parents' wardrobe, opening the double doors as if it were an elevator and strolling around their bedroom like it was a department store. Reading on our back porch, I realized that books were transportive—you can go anywhere, see anything, from any vantage point, unbounded by time, and look up to find yourself still comfortably seated in your chair. Imagine!

Long since settled in the Washington, DC area, I write, design, and create things for anyone who likes them, too.

I'm glad you are here. It's nice to meet you.

Contact: [email protected]

Denise Taranov as a child with mother